NL Crit Series Rijswijk II won by Edwin van Kerkhof

The NL Crit Series Rijswijk II had a serious riders field. Not only was the Red Hook Crit Barcelona No.5 winner David van Eerd present to defend his overall lead, his team mate Tim Ceresa, who took the Super Pole during RHC BCN 5 and recently won the National Moutarde Crit No.5, was there as well. Other strong riders that made their way to Rijswijk were American Justin Williams, Kaj Verhaegh, Edwin van Kerkhof, Thomas Jacobs, Brian Megens, and Richard Jansen who is new in the fixed gear scene but with results including the Dutch National Championship beach racing it is clear that he has quite some experience on the bike.

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Text & Photography: Merlijn Spenkelink

Roadtrip – BCN – Chateau de Gressoux – Dijon

After conquering the Mont Ventoux, we made a second pitstop at Chateaux de Gressoux. This place is the natural habitat of Stefan Vis– he organises cycling trips starting from the chateau and does his secret training around here during summer. Stefan showed us his training grounds while we were suffering on the bike. There was also time to relax in the pool with a beautiful view on the countryside. Thanks Stefan for the training camp!

National Moutarde Crit
We continued our roadtrip to Dijon to race the National Moutarde Crit, which was one part the Omnium. The Omnium consisted out of:
-Stage 1: 1km Sprint on the outdoor Velodrome
-Stage 2: Up Hill Sprint – 1,5km at 7,7 %
-Stage 3: the Nationale Moutarde Criterium.
For stage 1 and 2 we were just allowed to let one teammember race, which was Thomas. We raced the crit as a whole team.
Unfortunately, Thomas cramped during the 1km sprint after two laps on the 250 m track and had a DNF for stage 1. He decided not to participate in the second stage and saved his legs for the crit. This worked out very well, he became 3rd on this technical course. Yvo and Piet both crashed out because of the very wet weather circumstances, Fred left the race early because his legs were still sore from climbing the Ventoux in combination with the Gressoux Trainingcamp.

FFWD Wheels on Eurobike Friedrichshaven 2015

Another great stand and show by our sponsor FFWD Wheels during Eurobike 2015. Next stop is Interbike Las Vegas.

“It’s a wrap, we finished a great show at EUROBIKE Friedrichshafen!”

At the booth we showed some special bikes and wheels with a story:
Nevi Titanium bike with Hermès fabric cover featuring the F4R Special Silver Edition!
Canyon IronMan bike of Team4Talent featuring the DISC and THREE combi!
Bombtrack Bicycle Co. TransAlp gravel bike of Stefan Vis featuring F4D FCC!
CINELLI Red Hook Criterium bike featuring the F6T!

New Brooks Cambium C13

Brooks introduces the Cambium C13 for 2016. The 13 refers to it’s 130mm width, but it is an appropriate title for this version of the marvellous Cambium.

The new Cambium saddle will be the lightest and narrowest saddle that Brooks have ever made. At just 259g, the Cambium construction of the new saddle seemed to offer a good amount of flex along its edges, which make it an excellent saddle for holding an aero position. We can’t wait to race this new saddle by Brooks #backontherivet

If you want a chance to be a tester for the Cambium C13, sign up here.


No Road Left Behind – EXTRA


No Road Left Behind EXTRA is a weekly series that is part of our continuous research to reveal the person behind Fish and to provide more insight regarding the fixed gear crit culture. First in the series is Amsterdam based cyclist and Team F.A.S.T. rider Yvo Kinkel.

Name: Yvo Kinkel
Age: 35
Current location: Amsterdam (NL)
Weight: 72 KG
Height: 187 meter
Riding for: Team F.A.S.T.

What is your background in cycling?
I started cycling when I attended primary school. This is generally when most Dutch children are introduced to cycling Then later I started to ride mtb, track and went on bike holidays. From age 18 until 30 I didn’t cycled at all.

When and how did you discovered fixed gear crit racing?
In 2010 I was looking for a faster city bike just to challenge myself a bit more. I walked into Fish and his former shop and so it began. I am a competitive person and Fish and I soon began to talk about the Red Hook Crit. I got really enthusiastic about the whole idea and soon after Team F.A.S.T. was born.

Describe Fish on the bike
Fish on the bike is like watching a machine. People that know him don’t recognize him at first. He is a different person. I like watching Fish on the bike. Especially his position on the bike. He has his own style that he developed and perfected over the years.

Descripe Fish off the bike
It’s almost impossible to describe Fish without to mention his bike. He sleeps, eats and dreams cycling! Fish also tells beautiful stories and always has great ideas. I would say that he has a wide interest and feels strongly involved with society.

What is your most memorable moment you had with Fish?
Red Hook Crit Barcelona 2013! Fish won! That was crazy.

Personal message to Fish?
Keep focused and think like you ride your bike!

Your friend Yvo…