NL Crit Series Rijswijk II won by Edwin van Kerkhof

The NL Crit Series Rijswijk II had a serious riders field. Not only was the Red Hook Crit Barcelona No.5 winner David van Eerd present to defend his overall lead, his team mate Tim Ceresa, who took the Super Pole during RHC BCN 5 and recently won the National Moutarde Crit No.5, was there as well. Other strong riders that made their way to Rijswijk were American Justin Williams, Kaj Verhaegh, Edwin van Kerkhof, Thomas Jacobs, Brian Megens, and Richard Jansen who is new in the fixed gear scene but with results including the Dutch National Championship beach racing it is clear that he has quite some experience on the bike.

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Text & Photography: Merlijn Spenkelink