Roadtrip – BCN – Chateau de Gressoux – Dijon

After conquering the Mont Ventoux, we made a second pitstop at Chateaux de Gressoux. This place is the natural habitat of Stefan Vis– he organises cycling trips starting from the chateau and does his secret training around here during summer. Stefan showed us his training grounds while we were suffering on the bike. There was also time to relax in the pool with a beautiful view on the countryside. Thanks Stefan for the training camp!

National Moutarde Crit
We continued our roadtrip to Dijon to race the National Moutarde Crit, which was one part the Omnium. The Omnium consisted out of:
-Stage 1: 1km Sprint on the outdoor Velodrome
-Stage 2: Up Hill Sprint – 1,5km at 7,7 %
-Stage 3: the Nationale Moutarde Criterium.
For stage 1 and 2 we were just allowed to let one teammember race, which was Thomas. We raced the crit as a whole team.
Unfortunately, Thomas cramped during the 1km sprint after two laps on the 250 m track and had a DNF for stage 1. He decided not to participate in the second stage and saved his legs for the crit. This worked out very well, he became 3rd on this technical course. Yvo and Piet both crashed out because of the very wet weather circumstances, Fred left the race early because his legs were still sore from climbing the Ventoux in combination with the Gressoux Trainingcamp.